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SAACB at Facilitation Workshop, Sweden

SAACB participated at a workshop on facilitation skills in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the bilateral cooperation with Sweden National Audit Office.

SAACB was represented by Abdullah Karsoua’, Khalid Jawa’adeh, Marwa Nassar and Saba el-Barghouthi, with nine NAO staff members, five from Georgian SAI and employees from SAI of Kosovo.

Staff was trained on workshop facilitation and organization, and skills that could be utilized in this regard, in addition to development of personal training skills (how to be a facilitator) to reach an advanced level of facilitation, and convey personal information and knowledge to trainees, besides explain the difference between facilitation (training meetings) and presentations (traditional delivery of information).

The workshop also intended to develop communication skills in general and facilitation skills in particular, and develop efficient actions, as facilitation is associated with audits, meeting arrangement, communication with audited entities and organizing audit teams, all to positively reflect capacity of SAACB.

The workshop included detailed account on mechanisms, skills and competencies necessary for the good facilitator (effective discussion, kinds of questions and how to ask then, kinds of listening, how to answer and redirect questions to participants, encounter difficult attitude, contain feedback, planning and managing facilitation sessions).

SAACB staff actively participated in discussions and interpositions. They made a 45 minute presentation on the final day on basis and principles of facilitations.

Recommendations of the workshop included holding internal facilitation workshops for SAACB staff, holding training and introductory meetings about SAACB for audited entities using skills and principles acquired during this training and circulating training material inside SAACB for the sake of knowledge sharing.

As a result of commitment and seriousness shown by SAACB staff, organizers intend to invite other SAACB staff to another similar training on the same topics next year.

Date of Publication- 5/11/2017



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