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The Bureau Concludes Institutional Strengthening Project

The Bureau concludes the Institutional Strengthening Project, financed by the European Union.

During the meeting with an EU delegation, headed by manager of economic support and social development Mr. Michael Vogel, Counselor Eyad Tayyem reiterated the great benefits and findings of this project, evidenced by performance of staff and the fact the Bureau now has control experts.

Mr. Vogel stated that this project is one of the most successful financed by EU, thanks to Counselor Tayyem and staff for cooperation to implement the project and facilitate tasks.

Launched November 2014, the main purpose of the project was to provide support to the Bureau to be an effective and efficient independent external SAI, in accordance with INOTSAI standards, through support and development of institutional structure and build human resources capacity in different audit fields.

The project designed and implemented a training plan for staff and steering courses for middle management to address main training needs, as specified in the training needs assessment and gap analysis reports. A questionnaire has been circulated at the project start to assess professional requirements at operational levels, followed by in-depth discussions among staff and senior management, represented by president and six directors.

The project offered an extensive field training program to staff for practical experience, which included joint control and guidance for the six audit departments and audit reports, as well as management letters prepared as per INTOSAI standards, presented to audited entities.

The audits undertaken in this context included ministries, government entities and NGOs. The support was offered to audits of financial statements of the Palestinian government 2011-2012, where they were undertaken according to INTOSAI standards. The Bureau expressed opinion and audit reports on the Palestinian government as per these standards.

Date of Publication- 7/13/2017



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