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Palestine, Sweden Make Institutional Cooperation Agreement

Counselor Eyad Tayyem and Deputy Auditor General, Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) Mr. Magnus Lindell signed the institutional cooperation project agreement (2018-2021). The sign was attended by deputy president, director general, manager of infrastructure audit department, manager of economy audit department, advisor of president and PER manager.

Counselor Tayyem said that the long-term objective of the cooperation is to act according to SAACB standards, through a series of effort and expected findings within five main areas selected (performance audit, strategic audit issues, management, communication, human resources, development support).

He also added that results expected from this project are institutionalize the new performance audit department, improve reporting quality through enhance technical skills of performance auditors, improve technical resources  to carry out audits annually, set an internal network for exchange of knowledge and professional forms and provide all audit directors with tools on how to interact with the media.

Mr. Lindell stated that Palestine is one of the priority countries in the Swedish development cooperation, where it was in 2016 the fifth biggest receiver of Swedish bilateral assistance through SIDA Forum, where development support to SAACB is meant to help transparency and democratic development.

Discussion between SNAO and SAACB to set a bilateral support vision started 2012, and an MOU was signed May 2013. The partnership was officially initiated June 2013, where SNAO gave support from 2013-2017 in order to develop performance audit and offer more limited preliminary training in management.

The new project agreement came after the two partners decided during the steering committee in Ramallah, 2017 to prepare for possible extension for a second phase, where the time was perfect to foresee possibilities of extend cooperation for the upcoming years, as the long-term support from the European Union ended mid 2017.

The cooperation plan was detailed in way that agrees with SAACB strategic plan 2017-2021, set through discussions took place in Ramallah and Stockholm.

Date of Publication- 2/1/2018



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