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Palestine a Member at ASIOSAI


The Bureau announced it has officially joined the Asian Organization for Supreme Audit Institutions (ASIOSAI), as Palestine’s membership bid has been accepted to be member 47.

The Bureau clarified in a press release that ASIOSAI membership comes in agreement with goals of the Palestinian leadership to join international and regional organizations, as this will enhance trust of audited entities in reports given, and help build and support capacity of the Bureau and staff through training programs held by ASIOSAI, with exchange of experience and knowledge as part of partnerships with counterpart SAIs, especially in audit, academic researches and specialized studies. The press release also states that INTOSAI membership, gained 2016, furnished opportunity for ASIOSAI membership, as INTOSAI membership is a prerequisite.

Established 1979, ASIOSAI is one of the INTOSAI regional groups, where goals include the increase of cooperation among member SAIs through exchange of ideas and experience in public audit, provide training and continuous education facilities for public auditors to improve quality and performance, and to act as information center and regional link with institutions in other parts of the world. Other goals include cooperation between auditors in member SAIs and SAIs in regional groups, besides encourage researching, publishing professional papers and articles in audit and related fields and organizing conferences and seminars to exchange experience.

The press release indicates that the Bureau is also a member at ARABOSAI, which seeks to organize and develop cooperation with all its kinds, enhance relations and encourage the exchange of views, experience, studies and researches in financial audit among member SAIs, raise level of academic and applied audit and promote audit awareness in Arab nations, which help enhance role played by SAIs, regulate cooperation between ARABOSAI members and specialized organizations in the Arab League, INTOSAI members and other financial audit-related international/regional organizations 

Date of Publication- 10/15/2018



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