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The main reason behind SAACB founding is to guarantee proper actions and financial/administrative stability for the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative in Palestine, in addition to disclose financial/administrative deviations, including public office misuse, ensure that public performance is in line with laws and regulations and that practice is done optimally and at the lowest possible cost.
Chairman- Iyad Tayyem
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Counselor Tayyem Heads Palestine-Sweden Cooperation SC Meeting

SAACB at Academic Financial Audit Gathering, Istanbul
Bureau Reports
  Annual Report 2018
  Download File (PDF).       

  Consolidated Financial Statements for the State of Palestine Released by Ministry of Finance
  Download File (PDF).       

  Annual Report 2017
  Download File (PDF).       

  Audit Opinion Report Fiscal year 2013
  Download File (PDF).       

  Palestinian Government Preparedness for the Sustainable Development Goals
  Download File (PDF).       

Bureau Reports
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SAACB Mechanism (Mode of Action)

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