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Report Revision Committee Mode of Action

Report Revision Committee Mode of Action


The Bureau intends to deliver high quality audits according to the best professional practices. To that end, the Bureau establishes and enhances audit reporting through fulfilling international standards in order to increase credibility, improve performance/outcomes and establish integrity/impartiality of total actions. The report revision committee has been formed in order to review all audit reports and express opinion thereto.


Revision of audit reports aims to:

        Clarity: easy-to-understand reports

        Conciseness: few words that deliver full meaning

        Completeness: covers every aspect of any audit theme

       Preciseness: includes correct information

       Objectivity: impartial expression of information/opinion.


Mode of Action

1.      Forms of feedback, discussions and document transcriptions are prepared and approved by committee coordinator.

2.      Audit reports (including audit files) are sent by audit departments in hard and soft copies to the committee.

3.      Audit reports are shared on portal in a special folder for the committee, and committee members are notified via email by coordinator.

4.      Each committee member reads and reviews reports, so revision would follow the following steps:

-          Review form, content and agreement with the approved general framework for reporting.

-          Error-free.

-          Authenticity and clarity of feedback.

-          Corroborate feedback with evidence and attachments.

-          Authenticity of legal support.

-          Linguistic correctness and precision.

-          Clear drafting to deliver clear meaning.

-          Proper arrangement.

-          Agreement with INTOSAI standards and adopted procedural guidelines.

5.      Reports are discussed and reviewed two days each week (10:00 am) among committee members in order to set final remarks. When each member finishes remarks (using form #1), reports are unanimously discussed, final remarks and inquiries are set and everything is presented to manager of competent department for explanations within two days.

6.      Modified remarks and adherence to which by competent department are checked each Wednesday (10:00 am). In case the committee decides that modifications are properly done, unanimous consent is given to present the report to the president for approval.


Key actions:

     Review 100 audit reports, 2013.

       Review 104 audit reports, 2014.

     Review all audit reports, 2015.



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