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Based on SAACB Act (articles 40 and 41):

According to the provisions of this law, the hereunder aspects shall be considered as financial violation:

Financial & Administrative Violations
1- Violating the financial rules and procedures set forth by the applied constitution, laws and regulations
2- Violating the rules and procedures concerning the implementation of the P.N.A general budget and controlling such implementation
3- Violating the rules and procedures concerning purchases, sales and stores
4- Any mistaken action due to negligence, or internal errors that result in spending unauthorized amount of P.N.A
5- funds, wasting any financial dues for P.N.A, or other entities under the bureau jurisdiction
6- Failure to submit copies of the contracts, agreements, or bids, which the law requires to be submitted to the Bureau
7- Failure to submit the accounts , the results of operations and their supporting documents within the predetermined periods
8- also failure to submit the papers , the data, the resolution, the meeting minutes, the documents
9- Abstaining from answering the Bureau observations , or its correspondences in general
10- delay in replaying them within the dates specified in the law without accepted excuse , also , any answer given by the concerned employer with the objects of gaining – time or procrastination
11- Failure to submit to the Bureau members the resolutions, issued in respect of the financial offences within the period specified in this law.
12- The mismanagement and misconduct or negligence in the public job function.
13- Omission in performance, or in the public utilities
14- Violate the related instructions or resolutions which issued by the Bureau.



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